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Strong Showing to Open Grisdale Triple Crown Series

May 26, 2019

Sunday marked the opening event of the 2019 Grisdale Triple Crown Series at Flamboro Speedway.  After rain postponed the event that was originally scheduled for Saturday night, the pit area was jam packed with 27 Pro Late Model teams looking to take home the checkered flag in the 100 lap event.  The Double D Racing team was in attendance with a brand new setup in the #2 West Brant Window World Chevrolet.  Despite finishing no worse than 6th place through the first four events of the Flamboro Weekly Racing Series, the team has not been satisfied with the performance of the car and has been looking for continued improvements.  

Afternoon practice kicked off the day's on track activities under hot temperatures and sunny skies.  In the first round of practice, driver Rick Burbridge reported that the car was tight through the middle of the corner, struggling to complete the turn.  Following that first run, crew chief Dave Burbridge opted for a pair of bump stop adjustments as well as a sway bar adjustment in the front of the car.  In the second and final round of practice, Rick reported that the car's handling had improved through the first few laps of the run, but began to get tighter and tighter as the run wore on.  With group time trial qualifying on the horizon, the team opted for another adjustment, adding a wheel spacer to the right rear of the car.

Rick would roll of for group qualifying in the fourth of six groups, after recording the 10th fastest time of the day in practice.  After his five qualifying laps, Rick had a fast time of 15.301 seconds, which was good enough for 4th place at the time.  As the final two groups completed their sessions, Rick was bumped down the leaderboard, and wound up with the 10th fastest time, which would give him a 10th place starting position for the main event. 

As the field of 24 cars hit the track for the 100 lap main event, the temperature had dropped, the sun was behind the clouds, and the wind had picked up, setting up weather conditions that were quite different from practice and qualifying.  When the green flag flew, Rick got a great start from the outside lane, and began working his way forward.  By lap 3, Rick had moved past three cars from the high side and was free and clear in the 7th position.  Rick would hold this position until the first caution of the race flew on lap 11.  On the restart, the inside line would not get rolling well, and Rick dropped back to the 8th position.  The entire field would jam up on lap 15, leading to the second caution of the race.  Rick received some minor contact to the rear bumper as part of the melee, but was relatively unharmed, as several other cars behind him ended up piled up in turn one.  Once again restarting from the outside, Rick would briefly fall back to 9th, before regaining 8th and dropping back down to the bottom line.  On lap 23, Rick moved past the #50 of Chad Corcoran to pick up the 7th position.  Rick would ride in 7th as the race settled into a long green flag run, which lasted until a caution flew just before halfway, on lap 48.  Rick once again started on the bottom, but did not get a good jump, and fell back to the 8th position.  He would hold this spot until the next caution flew on lap 55, setting up another outside restart.  Rick would get a great restart on the outside, briefly jumping up to the 6th position before being squeezed into the wall coming off of turn two.  This forced Rick out of the throttle, and he began to lose positions before eventually finding an opening on the inside line after dropping to 10th.  The race once again settled into a long green flag run, with Rick riding in the 10th position.  As the race moved past lap 70, Rick began pressuring the #86 of Billy Schwartzenburg for 9th.  Despite several looks to the inside and even a nudge or two, Rick was unable to complete a pass, and was still running in 10th when the caution flew for a spin on lap 86.  On the ensuing restart, Rick quickly dropped a spot to the #10 of Tom Gibbons, falling to 11th.  On lap 89, all hell broke loose in front of Rick, as Gibbons and the #29 of Ryan Kimball got together off turn two, with both cars making hard contact with the outside wall.  Rick was able to sneak past the crash on the bottom, and was sitting in 9th position as the field was red flagged to clean up the aftermath of the incident.  This set up a dash to the finish, which was sure to be intense.  On the final restart, Rick spun his tires off turn four, but managed to hold onto the 9th position.  Rick moved into 8th as he moved past the #89 of Andy Kamrath, who had gotten stuck on the outside and was freight trained by the pack.  With just over five laps remaining, Rick got under the #8 of Jordan Howse in a bid for 7th.  The two cars got together in turn three, forcing Rick to back out and allowing Howse to get ahead.  Rick would settle back into 8th, which is where he would finish the race when the checkered flag flew at lap 100. 

The Double D Racing team will now immediately get back to work to prepare the car for the next Flamboro Speedway Weekly Racing Series event, which takes place next Saturday, June 1st at 6:30pm.  Despite plans to have the car prepared, the team is unsure if it will compete in the event, as driver Rick Burbridge and his girlfriend Kelly are awaiting the birth of their first child.  As the team plays the baby waiting game, their scheduled of events for the next month or so remain up in the air.  Stay tuned to the site for any further updates.  See you at the track! 

Hard Charging Leads to Pair of Solid Finishes

May 11, 2019

The Double D Racing team was back at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night for event number two of ten in the 2019 Weekly Racing Series for the Pro Late Models, sponsored by Grisdale Racing Products.  After surviving a couple of incidents just one week ago in the season opener, the team spent many long hours getting the #2 West Brant Window World Chevrolet back into racing shape for another night of action.

A pair of afternoon practice sessions kicked off the event for the team.  During the first session, driver Rick Burbridge reported that the car was struggling to rotate through the center of the corner.  Between sessions, the crew made a front bump stop adjustment to hopefully improve the car's turning ability.  In the second and final practice session of the afternoon, Rick reported that the car did not feel any better than it had in the first session.  The team settled on a rear spring rubber adjustment in hopes of improving the car's performance for the evening's racing action.  

For the evening's first race, Rick would start from the 10th position after an unlucky pill draw.  When the green flag flew, Rick was immediately able to drop his way down to the bottom line, and began working his way forward through the field.  By lap 5, Rick had worked his way up to the 8th position, and would move into the 7th position on lap 7.  Rick would continue riding in the 7th position until the first caution of the race flew on lap 14, just prior to halfway.  On the restart, Rick would use the inside to his advantage, moving up to the 6th position.  On lap 19, Rick would work his way past the #61 of Brent Wheller to crack the top five for the first time.  The second and final caution of the race flew on lap 22, setting up an 8 lap dash to the finish.  On the restart, Rick would work his way under the #55 of Chris Howse after a hard battle, moving up to the 4th position.  Rick would then set his sights on the #35 of Andy Kamrath, who was running in 3rd.  Over the remaining laps, Rick would glue himself to Kamrath's bumper, looking to pounce on any potential mistake.  With two laps remaining, Rick gave Kamrath a tap heading into turn three, but Kamrath was able to hold off the challenge, forcing Rick to fall back into line and settle for a 4th place finishing position.

In the final race of the night, Rick would roll off from the 6th position after the lead lap finishers from the first race were inverted to determine the starting order.  In the early laps, Rick would battle hard on the outside line, but would not be able to find a way down to the bottom line, eventually sliding back to the 9th position before falling into line.  Rick would ride in the 9th position until lap 10, when he got into the back of the #91 of Mike Westwood, sending him for a spin.  As a result of the contact, Rick received a black flag and was sent to the rear of the field for the restart.  Starting from the back of the pack, Rick would work his way back into the top 10 by the halfway point of the race.  Rick would move up to the 9th position on lap 18, and looked destined to finish in that position until five laps remaining, when Howse turned the #46 of Mike Klotz.  The resulting caution allowed Rick to move up to the 7th position for the restart.  Rick quickly jumped up to the 6th spot on the restart, but the race was slowed just two laps later for a hard crash entering turn one.  The incident would result in a red flag for clean up, and a three lap dash to close out the race.  Restarting from the outside this time, Rick was able to drop down to the bottom line after losing just one position.  Over the final two laps, Rick worked his way inside the #27 of Kevin Albers to move back up to 6th place, where he would eventually finish.

After back-to-back race weekends to start the season, the Double D Racing team will now enjoy a weekend off before shifting gears to focus on their next event, the opening round of the 2019 Grisdale Triple Crown Tournament.  The event will feature time trials and a 100 lap main event, and will take place on Saturday, May 25th at Flamboro Speedway, with time trials starting at 6:00pm.  See you at the track! 

Strong Season Opener Amid Carnage Filled Affair

May 4, 2019

The Double D Racing team kicked off the 2019 racing season on Saturday night with the first event of the Flamboro Speedway Weekly Racing Series for Pro Late Models, sponsored by Grisdale Racing Products.  The #2 West Brant Window World Chevrolet was among a solid field of twenty teams on hand to kick off the new campaign with a pair of 30 lap main events.  

The evening's on track activity began with a pair of practice sessions.  After an offseason of major rebuilding, this was the first chance for driver Rick Burbridge to test out the changes the team opted to make.  Following the first session, Rick noted that the car was struggling to turn through the center of the corner.  Crew Chief Dave Burbridge opted to make a front spring and bump stop adjustment in order to get the front suspension working optimally.  After the second session, Rick reported more of the same handling condition, and the team went further on the adjustments that were made after the first session, as well as adding a sway bar adjustment.  The team was hopeful that the adjustments made would have the car dialed in for the evening's pair of main events.

For the first race of the evening, Rick drew the #21 pill from the starting position draw, which gave him the 5th starting position for the race.  When the green flag flew, Rick used the inside line to his advantage, moving past the #50 of Chad Corcoran in the opening laps to slot into the 4th position.  By lap 10, then #89 of Shawn Chenoweth moved under Rick, dropping him back to the 5th position.  Rick would ride in the 5th position until the only caution of the race came out just past halfway.  During the caution, race leader Hudson Nagy stopped on track in his #63 machine and had to be helped off track by the safety crew.  This would move Rick up to the 4th position for the restart.  On the restart, Rick was able to fight his way to the bottom in front of the #27 of Kevin Albers without losing a position.  In the closing laps, Rick would make his way past the #4 of Trevor Monaghan to move into the 3rd position.  Rick would hold off the #14 of JR Fitzpatrick in the final laps to bring home a solid 3rd place finish to open the season.

To prepare for the second event of the evening, the team made another left front bump stop adjustment.  Rick would roll off from the 9th position, as the lead lap finishers from the first race were inverted to start the second race.  In the opening laps, Rick was once again able to use an inside start to his advantage.  Rick would move past a trio of cars to move into the 6th position when the field single filed out.  Rick would ride in line in the 6th position for several laps, as the cars at the front of the field battled side-by-side and the field stacked up behind them.  On lap 8, Rick was clipped in the rear by the #63 of Hudson Nagy in the middle of turns one and two.  As Rick attempted to hang onto the car coming off turn two, he made contact with the #89 of Shawn Chenoweth, who was attempted to get past on the outside.  As Chenoweth's left front clipped Rick's right front, Chenoweth's car went airborne and straight into the outside wall.  That contact sent Rick hard back to the left, where he careened into his brother Mark in the #02 car.  The end result was heavy front end damage to Rick's machine and a red flag to remove the Chenoweth car from the track.  When the field went back to caution, Rick brought the car to the pit area for the team to make repairs.  After repairs were made and Rick headed back on track, he would restart from the 14th position.  The race would see numerous short green flag runs of 1-3 laps apiece, as the race was marred by several incidents, all of which Rick was able to avoid.  By halfway, Rick found himself back up to 7th position, and restarting on the inside line.  An inside restart would prove beneficial, as Rick was able to move his way up to the 5th position, where he would ride until lap 23, when Nagy and Monaghan made contact in turn four while battling for 2nd position.  Nagy would climb over the left rear of Monaghan, and spin when the car came back to the ground to bring out the caution.  That set up a late restart with Rick in the 4th position.  Rick would lose ground with the outside restart, slipping back to 6th position by the time another caution flew on lap 25 for a spin at the rear of the field.  With another outside restart, Rick would drop another position, slotting into 7th spot before the final caution of the evening flew on lap 27.  This set up a three lap shootout to the finish, with Rick having an inside restart position.  Rick was able to use that position to his advantage, moving past the #50 of Chad Corcoran as well as brother Mark to move back into the top five.  On the final lap, Rick almost picked up more positions, as Monaghan and Nagy once again found themselves battling for 2nd and made heavy contact down the back straight and through turns three and four.  Rick attempted to jump to their outside off the final turn, but ran out of real estate and settled for the 5th place finishing position.

After a solid pair of top five finishes to open the season, the team will have a long week of repairs ahead of them to repair the major front end damage suffered in the second race.  The next event for the Double D Racing team will be the second event of the Flamboro Weekly Racing Series on Saturday, May 11th, with racing beginning at 6:30pm.  See you at the track!  

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May 26 Results

1. #3 - Shae Gemmell

2. #52 - Jake Sheridan

3. #84 - JR Fitzpatrick

4. #21 - Matt Pritiko

5. #50 - Chad Corcoran

8. #2 - Rick Burbridge